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Online auditions for Brazil


Individual auditions for the new formation of the NYX group. All young people from all over Brazil aged between 12 and 25 years old can participate in the IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 3 auditions. You can register at any time.

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Open for subscriptions

Online auditions for Brazil

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Palk Entertainment launches through IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 3, new auditions for the formation of the new NYX (New Youth Xplosion) with an opportunity for more young people from all over Brazil.

These auditions will form the new NYX with up to 7 members (may be less) aged between 12 and 25 years old residing anywhere in Brazil. The Group will have a career contract. The formation of the group will be chosen among residents of the same state.

You can now register for the IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 3 auditions. Just click on the "CONFIRM" button

IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 3 has 8 phases with 5 auditions, 1 interview and 2 preparations.

Phase 1 has a registration fee and R $ 20.00. The day after the first fee is paid, you will receive instructions to submit your videos for our review, which is already the first audition, and which will only be online by sending these videos. After your registration you have up to 10 days to send your material from the date of confirmation of payment of the registration fee. After 10 days, if you pass, phase 2 will begin.

The fee of R $ 20.00 is paid upon registration by credit card or boleto. If you pay by bank slip, there will be an increase of R $ 1.00 due to the payment of PagSeguro.

The other phases from phase 2 onwards have specific fees for each one. See the values on our website

See the rules for auditions on the website.

After your registration, keep your ticket number, as it is the number and guarantee of your registration in phase 1. Each phase will have a ticket with a different number

Requirements to participate in phase 1:


  1. Be aged between 12 (twelve) and 25 (twenty-five) years;
  2. Knowing how to sing; (in the case of Street Dance or dancers you don't need to know how to sing)
  3. Knowing how to dance;
  4. Be aware that, if you participate in other dance and music groups, the choice of members for the group will be individual, and the participant may have to separate from his current group to be part of the project;
  5. Pay participation fees;
  6. Sign up on this site.

Questions visit the website and consult the project regulations. If you still have questions, send an email to or a message to our WhatsApp 11-99634.5127.

We wish you success in your hearing! We're rooting for you!


  • IDOLS 3 - 1st NYX Hearing

    This is the first hearing of IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 3 for the new formation of the NYX Group. As soon as you pay the registration fee, the next day you will receive an email with the instructions for your first hearing.




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