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Idols Brothers & Sisters 2

If you prefer, print the regulation and show it to your parents mainly if you are a minor
Idols Regulation
Brothers & Sisters 2
Authorization for minors under 18

Palk Entertainment is fully responsible for the auditions and production of new B-pop groups, singers, choreographers, composers, K-Pop cover groups and dancers for this project, called “Idols Brothers and Sisters 2.”

Registration rules for the selection process of candidates for audition participants for the formation of professional B-Pop groups, singers, dancers and dance and music pairs, choice of composers, choreographers, B-Pop group, K- cover groups Pop already formed based on the K-pop style, within the project IDOLS BROTHERS and SISTERS 2, produced by PALK ENTERTAINMENT PRODUCER, ORGANIZER AND REPRESENTATION OF EVENTOS E ARTISTAS LTDA., A legal entity under private law, headquartered at Rua Dolival de Moraes , 76 - Jardim Santa Rosa, Taboão da Serra / SP, registered with CNPJ / MF under number 32.001.081 / 0001-30, hereinafter referred to as “PRODUCER”.

For the purpose of interpreting this regulation, “PARTICIPANT” means the candidate enrolled in the selection process for participation in the Hearing.

1 - The project IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2 aims to form professional groups, singers, dancers and pairs of dance and B-Pop music, choice of composers, choreographers, B-Pop group, K-Pop cover groups already formed at the K-Pop style with age categories between 8 and 27 years and sex defined nationwide and you want an opportunity to participate in this project produced by the PRODUCER and you can count on the reproduction of evaluations, presentations and assistance from professionals, defined at the sole discretion of PRODUCER. The project will initially have a duration of 6 to 12 months.

2 - The selection process of the candidates will consist of 6 (six) phases, the first phase being entitled “Phase 1” which will start immediately to publicize the project on 01/15/2020 and will have an indefinite duration until the number of participants enrolled in the project is sufficient to guarantee the continuity of the project. The second phase entitled “Phase 2” lasting 1 (one) month, the third phase entitled “Phase 3” lasting 1 (one) month, the fourth phase of “Phase 4” lasting 1 (one) month , the fifth phase entitled "Phase 5" lasting 6 to 12 months and the sixth phase of "Phase 6" lasting 1 (one) month.

3 - Predicting the benefits of the IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2 project for the participants chosen in the final auditions:

  1. Forecast of fixed monthly fee in the amount of R $ 2,000.00 (two thousand reais) for each chosen member aged 13 years or above for a period of up to 06 (six) months and up to 12 months for members chosen between 8 and 12 years depending on the number of participants in the project. If the amount is less than 8000 (eight thousand) participants in the project, the fee will be R $ 1,000.00 | (one thousand reais) per month for the period of 6 (six) up to 12 (twelve) months + a percentage to be defined by PALK ENTERTAINMENT for each member chosen on the net profit from the sale of tickets for events / shows organized only by Palk Entertainment according to their category.

  2. Health plan;

  3. Singing and dancing classes;

  4. English classes with youtuber Tia Jeon Biscoito;

  5. Making original music for groups and singers of all categories, except for composer and cover groups;

  6. Exclusive costume;

  7. Professional accompaniment by musicians, less for cover groups;

  8. Choreographer accompaniment for all groups, except for composers

  9. MV recordings;

  10. Photos to publicize the groups, pairs and solos to the public;

  11. Disclosure of groups, pairs and solos on social networks, mainly Youtube on K-pop channel with more than 200,000 subscribers;

  12. Residence and food in São Paulo paid for by Palk Entertainment for the chosen ones residing outside São Paulo. Each group will have its residence. The solos and doubles will share the residence;

  13. Kids groups, kids solos and kids doubles (aged between 8 and 12 years old) residing outside São Paulo will have the option of living in an individual residence for use by the member and one more member of the family;

  14. Disclosure of the group on social networks and mainly Youtube on K-pop channel with more than 200,000 (two hundred thousand) subscribers;

  15. The chosen PARTICIPANT will be entitled to an air ticket in economy class after being chosen for phase 5 of the project .;

  16. Signature of a career contract of a member of the dance and music group with the PRODUCER for the initial period of 06 (six) to 12 (twelve) months, which can be extended for a longer period through a contractual addendum, always with the PRODUCER's exclusive preference.

IMPORTANT: 1- The names of the groups, singers, doubles will be disclosed during the audition period and only at PRODUCRA's discretion. The names are the property of Palk Entertainment. 2 - The above benefits can be changed and / or reduced depending on the number of project participants. The number of people enrolled in the project to have all the benefits is at least 8,000 (eight thousand) participants in the project by category and by age group. If the amount is less, the benefits will be reduced and the auditions can be postponed until enrollment with this number of participants is reached.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Forecast benefits by category:

Groups, singers, doubles, choreographers, dancers will earn the percentage of up to 2% (two percent) on the net profit from the sale of tickets for events / shows that Palk Entertainment is the organizer of. In concerts / events organized by third parties, the fee will be whatever is agreed between Palk Entertainment and the organizers of these events.

The composers will have copyright on the songs with a percentage limit of 30%. The remaining percentage will be divided between Palk Entertainment and the groups that represent the songs of the composers of Palk Entertainment. The groups will be entitled to 30% (thirty percent) and the PRODUCER will be entitled to 40% on the copyrights. The percentage of copyrights directed to the PRODUCER will be used by the same for the growth of the group and the company.

What is not included in the project:

  1. Land and / or air tickets and accommodation in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4;

  2. Personal and school insurance

  3. Meals, transport and accommodation during phases 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  4. Each PARTICIPANT can participate in as many categories as he wants, provided that the following requirements are met:

  5. Be aged between 08 (eight) and 27 (twenty-seven) years;

  6. Knowing how to dance;

  7. Knowing how to sing;

  8. Be aware that, if you participate in other dance and / or music groups, and / or another entertainment company, the choice of the member will be individual for the formation of groups, pairs, singers and dancers, and choice for choreographers, groups of B- Pops already formed and cover groups of K-Pop already formed. When it comes to individual hearing, the PARTICIPANT will have to separate from his current group to be part of the group or category he chose if chosen;

  9. Have availability to live in São Paulo for at least 06 (six) months;

  10. If the participant is studying in the afternoon and at the end of the auditions he is one of the chosen members, his studies will be transferred to the morning or evening. The afternoon will be exclusive for training and group preparation. If you have already finished your studies or are not studying, you can participate in the project normally.

IMPORTANT: In the case of participants between 08 (eight) and 17 (seventeen) years, it will be necessary to present authorization signed by the father and / or mother to participate in the project. The authorization model for participation is available on the PRODUCER's website.

Those interested who are less than 8 (eight) years old at the time of booking but who turn 8 years old by the end of phase 1, may participate in the project.

Interested parties who are 27 (twenty-seven) years old at the time of registration and who complete 28 (twenty-eight) years during the project phases, may participate in the hearings normally

Interested parties will be able to register exclusively on the PRODUCER's website

5 - Applicants agree that the dynamics of phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 of selection, the schedule will be informed to them by the PRODUCER via e-mail and on the website, only if the minimum number of entries per category is reached for continuity from the project. If a category does not have a sufficient number of PARTICIPANTS, the PRODUCER may postpone the start of phases 2.3 and 4 so that other interested parties can register.

6 - THE PRODUCER will use his artistic knowledge to make the selection of the PARTICIPANT for the hearing, at his exclusive discretion, which is not limited to the registration methods and procedures described here, without any explanation or indemnity being due, with which the PARTICIPANT now agrees, exempting the PRODUCER from any claims.

7 - The PRODUCER may close the registration for the selection process, in case the registration for the auditions is completed, or if there are not enough registrations for vacancies by the end of March / 2019 for the continuity of the project . In any of the situations, the PRODUCER will notify the candidates via e-mail and / or on the PRODUCER's website at the end of the 1st phase term. The minimum number of registrations for the beginning of the hearings is 8,000 (eight thousand) registrants per category and by age group.

8 - For the effective reservation of vacancies, screening and hearing of the selection process, the PARTICIPANT must accept and comply with the rules of the present Regulation, as well as with other instruments that are necessary to participate in the Hearing, and perform all the procedures below.

9 - The Participant agrees, now, that when confirming the registration by paying the registration fee, by sending the material / video to the e-mail to be released later, it is considered, for all legal purposes. : (i) as acceptance by the PARTICIPANT, via electronic acceptance, of all the terms and conditions of these Regulations, which will regulate the relationship between the parties; and (ii) as acceptance by the PARTICIPANT, via electronic acceptance, to apply to participate in the screening and hearing, giving free of charge the material / video sent, its image and its voice for display by the PRODUCER in any and all media, according to its exclusive criteria of professionalism and ethics, protecting the image of the PARTICIPANT.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.


10.1 For the 1st phase, registration will be made to participate in the first hearing of the project, and the PARTICIPANT must register on the PRODUCER's website and wait for confirmation until the end date of this stage. Any resident in Brazil can reserve his place to participate in the project.

IMPORTANT: The PARTICIPANT must only register in phase 1 only if the registration fee is to be paid in the amount of R $ 10.00 (ten reais). This amount will not be returned under any circumstances.

10.2 - The forecast for the end of the 1st phase deadline is up to 30 days from the date of payment of the registration fee for each project participant.

10.3 - For the participation registration, the PARTICIPANT will access the PRODUCER's website and make his reservation in the project IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2. Only registrations made on the website will be accepted for participation in phase 1, first hearing.

IMPORTANT: For this first hearing, the PARTICIPANT must send his material according to instructions that will be given to him shortly after the payment of the registration fee for phase1. After the payment of the registration fee, the PARTICIPANT will receive a ticket with a number. The ticket number is your Stage 1 registration number.

10.4 - It is known to the PARTICIPANT that his registration characterizes responsibility for the payment of the registration fee in the 1st phase of the project. Therefore, the PARTICIPANT must only register if he is really going to participate in the project.

We are a family owned and operated business.


11.1 - After the end of the 1st phase period, the PRODUCER will send a message via WhatsApp to the PARTICIPANT who made the registration and who has sent his material for analysis, containing in the message the information whether or not he moved to phase 2. In case the PARTICIPANT , after analyzing the material from phase 1, has moved to phase 2, it must pay the participation fee in the amount between R $ 60.00 (sixty reais) and R $ 90.00 (ninety reais) to participate in phase 2.

The second Hearing will be done live online via Skype or WhatsApp.

We are a family owned and operated business.

11.2 - The forecast for disclosing the result of the second hearing is until the end of the analysis of the material sent by the PARTICIPANT.

11.3 - If the registration is made but the payment of the fee is not confirmed, the registration will be automatically canceled and made available to another PARTICIPANT.

IMPORTANT: The registration fee will only be refunded if the PARTICIPANT has not yet scheduled the date of its second hearing with and within up to 07 (seven) days from the date of payment of the phase 2 participation fee. , will be discounted from the refund, the amount of the platform's collection fee, which is R $ 15.00 (fifteen reais). After the period of 7 (seven) days, the amount will not be refunded.

11.4 - If the PRODUCER withdraws the project in phase 2, the registration fee will be returned to the PARTICIPANT minus the platform fee of R $ 15.00 (fifteen reais).

11.5 - In any other situation, even if the PARTICIPANT gives up, the registration fee will not be refunded.

11.6 - The best participants in the second audition will move on to phase 3 (third audition).

We are a family owned and operated business.

12 - Third Phase - THIRD HEARING

We are a family owned and operated business.

12.1 - The best participants of the second audition will make a new audition with the presentation of one more dance and one more live singing. The PARTICIPANT chosen for the third phase will be informed via WhatsApp. The PARTICIPANT will perform a new live hearing via Skype or WhatsApp with a date and time set by the PRODUCER.

12.2 - To participate in phase 3, in addition to having participated in phase 2, the PARTICIPANT must pay the participation fee with values ​​between R $ 120.00 (one hundred and twenty reais) and R $ 180.00 (one hundred and eighty reais). If payment is not made, even if you have been chosen to participate in phase 3, the PARTICIPANT will be automatically disqualified.

12.4 - In this phase, members will be chosen who will interview in phase 4

12.5 - The 7 PARTICIPANTS chosen will be communicated at the end of the phase 3 deadline via email or message via WhatsApp.

12.6 - The PARTICIPANT selected in phases 1, 2 and 3, will be evaluated by a panel of judges composed of members of the PRODUCER and professionals in the area of ​​dance and music. The decisions of this judging panel are sovereign and unappealable.

12.7 - In addition to its final presentation, the PARTICIPANT will undergo a personal interview in phase 4, with which the PARTICIPANT already agrees, exempting the PRODUCER from any claim.

12.8 - Phase 3 is expected to end after the analysis of the last hearing of the last registered PARTICIPANT.

Note: The payment of the fees for phases 1, 2 and 3 can be paid with the debit options in c / c, credit card or boleto to be made available on the website. The proof of payment must be kept until the final result of the hearing is released by the PRODUCER. In case the PARTICIPANT makes the option to pay by boleto, the final amount of each fee will be increased by R $ 1.00 (one real) which refers to the issuance fee charged by PagSeguro. Upon payment of the fee, the PARTICIPANT will receive an email with instructions on how to send your material. The videos must be posted on Youtube under "Unlisted" and the links to these videos must be sent together with the photos through the specific form that will be made available shortly after the payment of the registration fee. The sorting will be done by the PRODUCER through the professionals involved in the project.

We are a family owned and operated business.

We are a family owned and operated business.

13 - Fourth Phase - INTERVIEW

13.1 - The best participants in the third audition will do an interview with the Palk Entertainment team. The PARTICIPANT chosen for the fourth phase will be informed via message on WhatsApp or email. PARTICIPANT q will make a new live hearing via Skype or WhatsApp with the date and time set by the PRODUCER.

13.2 - In this phase, members will be chosen who will be part of the groups in phase 5.

We are a family owned and operated business.

14 - From the Fifth Phase - PREPARATION OF THE CHOSEN

14.1 - After the end of phase 4, the preparation of the chosen ones will begin. The preparation includes: signing a career contract of 06 (six) initial months of the PARTICIPANT exclusively with the PRODUCER regarding the IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2 project, signing an exclusive post-project contract with new conditions previously negotiated, dance classes and music, making videos / MV of the group's original songs, daily dance training with exclusive choreographer, training of the group's original songs with accompaniment of musicians and professional composer in a recording studio, choice of costumes, making of photos for the promotion of the group, disclosure of the group on Youtube on K-Pop youtuber channels and on the PRODUCER channel, disclosure of the group on the main social networks.

14.2 - The names of the groups will be presented to the chosen ones. The names of the groups are the property of the PRODUCER.

14.3 - From phase 5 onwards, the chosen ones will be official members of the groups and will start receiving their fixed fee for a period of up to 06 (six) months from the moment they are definitely in the city of São Paulo or Taboão da Serra / SP.

14.4 - If the chosen ones are minors, the father or mother or the legal guardian will be called to sign the career contract, to know the company, to know the structure that will be made available to the chosen one. If the chosen one does not live in São Paulo, the father or mother or the guardian will be entitled to passage, food and accommodation for 2 (two) consecutive days to accompany the chosen one in the city of São Paulo, including where he will live. After the period of 2 (two) days, the personal expenses of the father, mother, or guardian, will be at his own expense.

14.5 - The forecast for the beginning of phase 6 is the month of January / 2021.

We are a family owned and operated business.

15 - From the Fifth Phase - SHOW PRESENTATION

15.1 - The forecast is that in January or July 2021, will have the final preparations and live presentation of the groups to the public in a show for the public organized by the PRODUCER. Tickets will be charged and members will already receive part of the amount collected according to the benefits item. The show may be delayed due to external factors that the PRODUCER cannot control.

15.2 - The show will be in São Paulo.

15.3 - The forecast for the beginning of phase 6 is the month of January or July 2021.

We are a family owned and operated business.

16 - Post project

16.1 - After the end of the project, the members of the group will no longer receive a fixed monthly fee. In return, the members will receive participation at the box office of all the shows they perform or from fixed fees for shows marked by the PRODUCER. The estimate is that the group has one show per month after the project and that their fee is equal to or greater than the fixed fee during the project. A new exclusive contract will be signed with the PRODUCER with the new conditions for the continuity of the group.

16.2 - After the end of the project, there will be no more housing and meals paid on behalf of the PRODUCER for members who have a fixed residence outside the city of São Paulo.

We are a family owned and operated business.

17 - General considerations

a) The PARTICIPANT declares and acknowledges that any participation in phases 1, 2, 3 and 4 of selection, will not imply his participation in the IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2 project from phase 5 on, and it is up to the PRODUCER to choose the members of the categories.

b) The PARTICIPANT agrees that the dates, times and places designated for the realization of the face-to-face hearings will be designated at the PRODUCER's sole discretion, which may be changed at any time during the selection process, and it is certain that the PARTICIPANT must accompany the update information on the PRODUCER's website and in your private email.

c) The PRODUCER will not be responsible for any type of obligation assumed by the PARTICIPANT with any third parties, including its employers or employees, as well as for any type of personal expense of the PARTICIAN, nor for the operationalization of the respective payments, which, even during participation in the selection process and hearings, will be their sole and exclusive responsibility.

D) The name of the group is exclusive to the PRODUCER, and its members, jointly or individually, may not under any circumstances use the name of the group in any situation without the prior and express authorization of the PRODUCER. The name IDOLS BROTHERS & SISTERS 2 is just the name of the project and does not refer to group names.

e) While the PARTICIPANT is in the process of auditing and / or preparing the group, it may not disclose the name of the group under any circumstances without prior and express authorization from the PRODUCER under penalty of being disqualified from the project. Disclosure of the name of the group is exclusive to the PRODUCER.

We are a family owned and operated business.

f) At no time will the PARTICIPANT be allowed to disclose details of the project to third parties, unless authorized in advance and expressly by the PRODUCER. The only third parties who will be able to know about the details of the project will be the PARTICIPANT's parents so that they can monitor their children's performance in the project and post project.

We are a family owned and operated business.

g) The PARTICIPANT must maintain the utmost secrecy with respect to any information received from the present participation in the project.

H) The PARTICIPANT declares to be in perfect health and in full fitness to participate in this selection process, committing himself to inform the PRODUCER of any health problem of which he is aware. They are also obliged to inform the PRODUCER if they experience any physical or psychological problems during the entire project.

I) The PARTICIPANT, when signing up for the selection process for the hearing, grants the PRODUCER, as well as third parties indicated by it, with exclusivity, automatically and free of charge, authorization, in an exclusive, definitive, universal, irrevocable and irreversible, for the purpose of using the images and / or sounds contained in the videos sent by the PARTICIPANT in the form of the items above, as well as its extracts, excerpts or parts, at its sole discretion, being able, for example, to adapt them for production purposes promotional material in any type of media, including printed, whether for the purpose of dissemination, as well as the production of the “making of”; or store it in a database. On the other hand, the PRODUCER undertakes to safeguard the image of the PARTICIPANT at any time and / or situation, and will not disclose its image without prior written authorization.

j) None of these uses foreseen above is limited in time or number of times, without any remuneration or compensation being due to the PARTICIPANT.

K) The authorization now granted by the PARTICIPANT and / or his / her responsible for the PRODUCER, under the terms of the item above, is their total responsibility and comes into force upon registration in phase 2, and will thus continue for the entire term protection of the audiovisual work. The term of legal protection of the work is understood to be that established in Law 9.610 / 98.

l) The video and / or any material sent by the PARTICIPANT will not be returned by the PRODUCER, who may even destroy it.

We are a family owned and operated business.

m) The PARTICIPANT declares, for all purposes, that it has the necessary rights over the video sent to the PRODUCER, mentioned in the items above, as well as that the use by the PRODUCER in the form determined herein does not matter in violation of the rights of third parties.

N) The PARTICIPANT, when sending the video, will be the only responsible for its content, before the PRODUCER and third parties, assuming, therefore, the exclusive responsibility for any claim or demand, judicial or extrajudicial, which, in any way, has for object the video sent.

O) The database generated as a result of the registrations will be entirely owned by the PRODUCER, who will be able to use it free of charge, for lawful purposes, in the way that best suits him, respecting and safeguarding the PARTICIPANT's image.

P) The PARTICIPANT guarantees that the information provided in these Regulations, in the questionnaire and other documents referring to its registration, have total veracity, assuming full responsibility for them.

Q) It is clear and adjusted that, in the event that the PRODUCER perceives the falsity of any of the statements made by the PARTICIPANT, or if these are considered incomplete / inconclusive, the PRODUCER may disqualify / eliminate the PARTICIPANT at any time without ) any explanation or indemnity is due.

R) The PARTICIPANT who attempts to disrespect any of the items of these Regulations, practice an illegal or unlawful act, use any unlawful means may be automatically disqualified from the selection process and / or from the hearing. to obtain their own benefit or for a third party. In this case, the PARTICIPANT and / or the beneficiary third party will be automatically disqualified.

S) The PARTICIPANT declares, as of now, that there are no contracts with third parties that conflict with the provisions of this instrument or with their participation in the hearing. Thus, the PARTICIPANT must keep the PRODUCER safe from any demands and / or lawsuits by third parties, regarding registration and / or participation in this selection process and / or at the hearing, forcing itself to bear the expenses incurred by the producer. with judicial or extrajudicial defense in such demands and with the total amount of any indemnity that may be imposed on it, as well as indemnifying the PRODUCER backwards, in case it is ordered to pay any amount.

t) Doubts, as well as omitted cases not provided for in this Regulation, as well as changes to the dates of each phase due to external and involuntary force, will be analyzed and decided exclusively by the PRODUCER.

We are a family owned and operated business.

u) The PARTICIPANT undertakes to sign, in due course, other instruments possibly indicated by the PRODUCER, as well as to provide any and all documentation, personal or not, necessary for his participation in this selection process, which will be attached to this regulation.

v) This regulation is valid until the end of the month of June / 2020 and all dates can be extended at the discretion of the PRODUCER and can be changed at any time without prior notice.

The PARTICIPANT declares to be aware and in accordance with the rules and determinations of the present Regulation, having nothing to oppose. We are a family owned and operated business.

São Paulo, March 23, 2020.


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